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A number of research works of well-known native and foreign psychologists are dedicated to the topic of the influence of color on the human psyche. The first person, who developed a special test that helps to identify patterns of color effects on the mental state,was a Norwegian therapist M. Lüscher. His method is based on the patient’s parting of colors in descending order. Lüscher could establish the availability of any problems of patient’s emotional or mental health.

In fact, this issue should be treated seriously, as the color is able to stimulate the formation of certain reactions that are reflected in our behavior. Although this effect is unnoticeable for us, many people can notice the fact, that on a clear sunny day, the mood is much better and more positive than on a gray and cloudy weather.


The influence of colors on the human psyche

In medical practice, the method of color therapy is used to restore the psycho-emotional state and physical health of the patient. A number of studies in this area helped to establish the following regularity of the colors influence:

  • Red — a feeling of excitement, a surge of energy;
  • Yellow — encourages, soothes and relaxes;
  • Orange — affects the concentration;
  • Blue — relaxes and soothes;
  • Green — a feeling of vigor, increases the general tone of the body;
  • Black — associated with feelings of depression, frustration, melancholy.

A number of other colors also can tiger a number of positive or negative associations, but a decisive influence belongs to their core range.


Sand therapy method

The method of sand therapy is widely used in the process of the harmonious development of the child. This method was developed by the Swiss psychoanalyst Dora Kalff. Colored sand allows detailed studying of traumatic situation and creating of the conditions for converting it into emotions through creative expression. This method is used in combination with other psychotherapeutic methods.
If you are a responsible parent, trying to ensure the proper and comprehensive development of your kid, this material is perfect for this purpose.
Colored sand is widely used for the development of motility skills of hands, as well as the imagination and creative fantasy of children.


Colored sand, as a rule, is designed for children from 1 year under the strict supervision of parents. The main advantages of this material are:

  • ecology and naturalness;
  • wide and bright color palette;
  • the paint that is stable and safe for children;
  • fine fraction sand, ensure the development of motility skills of a kid in the working process.

The harmonious development of the child through the use of this material helps to achieve excellent results in the formation of his artistic abilities, attention, accuracy and perseverance.

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